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This time tested formula has been safely and effectively used by health practitioners, and people world wide for over 100 years.  Once you try it you won't want to be without it. 

My Father used Schweitzer Formula in Chicago in the 60's, after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He was stationed in Roswell and may have been exposed to chemicals/radiation during that time. 

Anyway my father did have surgery to remove the thyroid but they found the cancer had spread and removed most of the muscles from his shoulder making it impossible to use his right arm the way he once did. After the surgery though there was a drainage point on his neck that would fill up to the size of a golfball and he had to go in periodically to have this drained. My uncle was good friends with Dr. Rowell and he brought him to see my dad. 

The formula was actually sold in the Rexall Drug Stores as a cancer cure. go figure! But Dr. Rowell brought it to my dad or we picked it up. After spraying it on the drainage point it eventually healed up. And yes he did start drinking it - a tablespoon in a glass of water every day. He lived 20 years. Amazing.

J. Hildebrand. Illinois, USA
Multi Generational Customer

David DeFebo, MIHS

Holistic Health Advocate

I have been a holistic health advocate for the past 30 years. When I discovered Schweitzer Formula in 2002, I quickly became a huge enthusiast of the product. When I realized it was not widely available, I decided to take on the challenge of bringing it to market in a ready to use form.  I hope you like what I have done, and encourage any feedback you have. My goal is to offer the formula in useful forms and educate others on how to benefit from using it. Many of my decisions were based on customer input. I now offer Schweitzer Formula in glass or plastic bottles from 4 oz to a gallon. I offer a metal-free (clear path) sprayer or flip top dispenser top,  as well as, a glass dropper bottle and handy roll-on.